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Fancy Lady

Fancy Lady

Let me start this post by saying, I do not normally dress like this. I feel self conscious when I wear things that show off, or enhance my shape too much. It’s not that I think I have anything to hide really, but I think I just feel kind of vain and on display. And I'm a mom, so sometimes I think I have to dress like a "respectable" mom. But I LOVE this dress! My friend gave it to me because it didn’t fit her properly. I thought it was a long shot that it would fit me, but I went ahead and tried it on (you NEVER know until you try it on). And I was shocked to find that it not only fit me, but that it actually looked good. I could rock this and not feel self-conscious about it. It’s super sexy and feminine but it’s still really modest. It’s got a longer length and doesn’t show too much skin, even with the lace parts. It’s perfect for making this mama feel glamorous without being too exposing. The only trouble I have with it is, it’s kind of hard to get in and out of. However, with the time I’ll actually wear it, I’m not upset about it. It would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner, but we’re staying in this time around. Maybe I’ll just rock it at home to give the illusion of a romantic night out instead of our messy, food on the floor dinning room?








The lipstick I’m wearing in the first shots is Lipsense. I had never even heard of this liquid lipstick until my husband gave it to me as a gift. There are three applicators you need: the lipstick, the gloss and the remover. The lipstick is amazing! It lasts all day (no peeling) and doesn’t smudge at all. They have a ton of colors and now, even a matte gloss to go with the current trends. Then, of course the remover to get it off... because that's they only way it's budging.










dress (Boohoo) // shoes (Michael Antonio) (similar) // lipstick (Lipsense: Cranberry)

Felt like such a glamour queen in this dress! It's totally modest but still incredibly beautiful and flattering. So glad I tried it on and found a new style to flatter my shape! What's your favorite style to flatter your figure? <3 Amanda

Heart Garland

Heart Garland

Festive Treats

Festive Treats