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2016 Lippies

2016 Lippies

So, a little late to be reviewing 2016 finds, but I just started my blog a week ago, so it is what it is. And also, real life – real MOM life, we do everything when we can (during nap time). I LOVE lipsticks and all the fun colors and looks you can create. It’s such a perfect accessory and reasonably affordable. However, there is value in trying on shades that go with your skin tone (department & beauty stores). The lipsticks I bought last year were mostly drugstore brands because I was being cheap, quantity over quality, and I thought I had a good sense of color. I was wrong, so wrong… So, here are my reviews and the lessons I learned.  


 Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (645 Eternite) Not too bad in the color department, but I thought it would look a little more natural on (too many dark undertones for my taste). It is also very drying and flaky. NOT a long lasting/all day wear lipstick, but it doesn’t claim to be; it’s just what I prefer. $11, not worth it to me, because it doesn’t last. Only positive is it’s a great scent, smells like a mix between caramel & french vanilla (yum).

Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick (035 Iconic Iris & 050 Top Tomato) I love these lipsticks! They literally last ALL day, and also some the next day ;) That is also a problem because they are really hard to get off. I use coconut oil & chapstick to fully remove it. The colors have a sort of shimmery quality, which is a bummer for me because I LOVE matte lips. But for only $9, if you can find your right shade - or can return used/open lipsticks; this is a great lipstick! I was disappointed in the Iconic Iris because I thought it was more of a natural color, but it’s just more of a light glittery tint – so not my style (this is where it comes in handy to try lip shades on – so you don’t waste your money).


Avon (Bitten Bequetee) This is a beautiful color, a very bold purple magenta. It goes on very smooth and feels like butter. But it also comes off very easily. Fun fact, this lipstick has SPF, so I would recommend a color that is neutral to get the most use out of it, and the fade would look more natural. Not sure what the price was, as I received this as a gift, but think it would be worth it to get in a neutral and for the sun protection.




 Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick (Matte Crimson) Can we just talk about how adorable the container is?! So cute! This color is very pretty, but not the best red on me. It's like a true bright red, and I think I need ones with blue undertones. And it is definitely not long-lasting. But it also feels very smooth and is not drying. Probably wouldn't spend $17 on a color that doesn't last very long. I received this as a gift too, so I did not get to try it on.

Pop Lip Color + Primer (10 Punch Pop) Very fun, bright and bold magenta pink. It also does not go with my skin tone 100%; I would need one a little darker. But again, it does feel smooth and moisturizing. This is also not a long last lipstick (are you sensing a pattern here?). Not sure what the “primer” part is for, or what it does – because it feels like other lipsticks and has the same amount of coverage. Would definitely not pay $18.50 for this (another gift, thank goodness).


Kat Von D (Lolita) This is a great liquid lipstick! She has the best vibrant, trendy shades! Her packaging is pretty and I really like the tattoo style. It does last longer than other lipsticks, but honestly Revlon’s (previously reviewed) last longer. I thought it would hold longer than it does, kind of disappointing. I love the matte (even though it’s totally drying) and I was able to match this color to my skin tone J. For $20, I would say it’s a little pricey – I wished it would last longer!!


So, now we’ve seen the value of being able to try on your lipstick! I’ve got about 4 lipsticks (I actually have another one I couldn’t find to review, so make that 5!) I don’t wear very often because the shades are wrong. You really have to decide what is important to you in your lip color. For me, it’s staying power, vibrancy, shade, texture and price. It’s worth it to me to spend more, for an awesome color that meets all my needs, than waste $30 in drugstore brands that I just “guessed” at. Reviewing my 2017 lipsticks (believe it or not I already have a good number) next month for Valentine’s Day! Let me know your favorite ways to purchase lipsticks and your favorite shades! <3 Amanda

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