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The Best High Protein on the go Snacks

The Best High Protein on the go Snacks

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time where everyone is about to get out of school, go on summer vacation and travel (lots and lots of travel).

 *This post was sponsored by Stryve. The opinions are completely my own, based on my own experience.*


Since I’m a stay at home mom, we’re already out quite a bit throughout the year. We’re not really on any kind of schedule, which is awesome. I take the kids with me to the gym from 11-12. Sometimes we got to the library or zoo. We can even take a day trip to Charleston if we want. But no matter where we go, one of the main things I always make sure to take plenty of is snacks!


One of my favorite proteins to take on the go is beef jerky. But today I’m going to introduce you to something a little different than your typical jerky, it’s beef biltong. Stryve has some of the best high protein beef biltong I’ve ever had. And I haven’t had a lot, but if you like your meats dry (like I do) and beef jerky (like I do), then I know you will love it too.


Stryve has one biltong, in 5 different flavors.


They also have some dried sticks made of beef, turkey and chicken.


And for those that prefer white meat, they have “bites” made with turkey and chicken.


Beef Biltong

Biltong is just another way to cure the meat. It’s similar to jerky, but only because they are both dried meats. Biltong actually has a higher protein content, less water, a distinct flavor and is air dried for 21 days (versus jerky which is baked). It has no added sugars or hormones making it a healthier option than jerky. And aren’t we all looking for healthier snack options for our kids and ourselves? All of Stryve’s products are not only exceptionally well made, but they are also very high in protein.

Out of all their meat products, my favorite is the beef biltong. I love every single flavor - my favorite was the Zesty Garlic, although it was unexpectedly pretty spicy. I also really enjoyed their beef stick in original. I’m not too keen on the other meat products. I guess I just really like dried beef!



My son however (he’s three!), really loved the bites. Go figure! He tried the turkey cranberry and just ate them up. I think they were a little less “spicy” than even the “original” beef flavors for his tiny taste buds. Although he really did enjoy the Teriyaki Biltong too... we kinda all had to fight over that one ;)



And of course, my husband loved all of the spicy things! But even he was partial to the sticks.



Stryve certainly has something for everybody when it comes to dried meats. Whether you like beef or white meat, they’ve got something just for you. Their products are perfect for on the go, post workout, in between practice or just good ole’ plain snacking. I think it’s safe to say, Stryve is my new favorite biltong snack! 

What about you? Have you tried a biltong vs a jerky? What are some of your favorite snacks? Would love for you to leave a comment below!

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