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The Unique, Kid Friendly, Rug You Should Know About

The Unique, Kid Friendly, Rug You Should Know About

As a mama, have you ever found something that is just too cool NOT to share? Well, I’m right there with ya. I just recently found out about Lorena Canals rugs. Have you heard of them?



Machine Washable

The first great thing about Lorena Canals rugs (and what makes them so mom friendly) is, they are machine washable! And I’m not just talking about a little bath mat size rug here, I’m talking about a full size, 5 x 8 rug! ALL of their rugs and cushions fit into a standard washer and dryer. So you don’t need anything fancy to clean it. How great is that?




Lorena Canals rugs are light because of their soft and flexible composition. This is what makes them able to fit in your washer and dryer so easily! I could move my rug around the house and not need any help! #superwoman





These rugs are also easy to match. The rug I chose is very easy to coordinate with other accessories because of its basic, neutral colors. I chose this rug to lighten up my daughters nursery, but it could easily be used in any of the other rooms in our home.





Lorena Canals rugs are handmade with 100% natural curl cotton and non-toxic dyes to keep you and your family healthy. These rugs are an eco-friendly choice for your bohemian living room or modern nursery. I have a feeling this is the reason they are more expensive than traditional rugs. A lot of time and quality work is going into them.


Another reason I think they are priced a little higher, is so that the company can give back. Their proceeds help support their Sakula project (a nursery they created for orphans) and provide schooling for children in India. Lorena Canals is truly doing amazing things in India to help children of all ages have a better life. Who wouldn’t want to support a company that is helping children?





Now I know you’re probably wondering, just what IS the price on one of these magical rugs? Well, mine is $299 and it’s 5’ 7” x 8’. This is actually the biggest size rug they offer - which is what I was looking for, a rug at least that size. But their rugs range from blank to blank. I’m sure there is a rug option for every budget.


And I think it’s also worth mentioning that they have a ton of other products as well if you really want to support this brand but aren't in the market for a rug right now. I have my eye on some of their baskets and blankets.

I am so excited to finally have a natural, Bohemian style rug that is so versatile it could be used in any of my rooms. And it definitely helps that if anything was to get on it, I could quickly throw it in the wash and not have to worry about replacing my brand new rug. I think that feature alone makes Lorena Canals rugs the best choice for moms when choosing home or nursery decor!

How often do your kids spill on your carpet or floor? Do you think a washable rug would be a good investment for your family? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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