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The Lazy Mom’s Easy Guide to Spring Updates

The Lazy Mom’s Easy Guide to Spring Updates

How many of y’all love spring? I know I do! In the south, the weather is as nice as it’s ever going to get! It’s the perfect warm but cool days before the humidity and 90° weather set in for summer. We’re just getting out of hibernation from winter and everyone is starting to go outside. We also have a ton of pollen and suddenly everyone has seasonal allergies!


But another BIG thing about spring is, new growth. I think that’s where the idea of “spring cleaning” comes from. Out with the old/cold and in with the new/warm. So, I’ve teamed up with some other mama's (so, like, they get it, right) to bring you some great inspirational spring updates all in one place! I like to call it, The Lazy Mom's Easy Guide to Spring Updates!




I am super terrible at cleaning my house. Now, I’m okay at keeping a “tidy” house or throwing all the junk in our spare room before someone comes over (aimiright), but otherwise we’re pretty much messy. I have a 3 year old that is learning to potty train and thinks our house is his personal playground, a baby who spits up like it’s her job, and two lazy parents who just want to relax after a long day and not deal with anything “chore” related. So, I found Elizabeth’s post EXTREMELY helpful (and a kindred spirit) when thinking about “spring cleaning” and keeping my house clean, when we are in fact all slobs...

Clean House for Slobs




So, once you’ve got your house all neat and tidy, it’s time to decorate! I feel like my house is always in a weird decor funk after Christmas going into spring. Megan shows some unique, affordable, farmhouse designs for your spring home update, and I am loving every single one!

Spring Home Decor Updates




And finally, your wardrobe! I am always more than ready when it comes to updating my wardrobe (for any season). I especially love going from bundled up looks to t-shirts and shorts. My outfits are always really simple and minimalistic in design. The main reason for this is time. I don’t have a lot of it, and I don’t want to spend what little I do have, on putting together an outfit. The other reason is kids. Kids are messy, playful and clueless. They don’t care that when they pull your cute long tassel earrings, it hurts! Or that your necklace is NOT a teething ring. So, I just worry about the clothes and forget everything else. Here is a great start to an affordable spring capsule!

Affordable Spring Mini Capsule


What did y’all think? Did I hit all the high points of updating your space for spring? Anything else I could’ve added? What is the easiest thing for you to update when it comes to changing seasons? Would love to hear your comments below!  

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