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Quick & Easy, Kid Friendly Halloween Decor

Quick & Easy, Kid Friendly Halloween Decor

Hey y’all! Got some quick, last-minute Halloween decor up and I wanted to share it with you.

If you order from my same sources (or pickup in store), you still have time to decorate too! Or just stock up for next year! Here is my quick & easy, kid friendly Halloween decor!!


This Halloween fireplace mantel decor idea came to me from my love of vintage and botanical decor styles.

It also reminded me of Harry Potter and some of their Hogwarts classrooms. We love Harry Potter around here and I definitely don’t want my home to be too childish looking. They have their toys and their rooms for that!

I thought this was a sophisticated, albeit Gothic/creepy take on Halloween decor, without being scary. So in that sense it is kid friendly!


I originally started out with just the bat garland (mine is from target dollar spot) and decided to decorate for Halloween from there because my son is officially obsessed with “spooky” Halloween decor. He loves it.

So I wanted to do something that would still fit in with our living room style but not be scary. Plus, I don’t like scary things. I hate haunted houses and a horror films. I do not like being scared.

But I love the magical feel of Harry Potter and other movies like Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic. So I thought this reflected nicely on those themes.


I got my skeleton print from Michael’s when it was 50% off about a week before Halloween. But here is another similar style if you’re looking for one right now.

You can also save a ton of money on Halloween decorations shopping after Halloween sales and stocking up for next year! You might just be limited on selection.


All the books I had around the house already and I just went through and picked ones that had black, gold or leather spines.

This side of the mantle looks like it could be in a classroom at Hogwarts and I just love that! The crow I found here and I actually had the glass jar with feathers already as a part of my everyday decor. It adds a touch of mystery, I think. My pumpkins are real, but you could get “forever” plastic ones here.


This side of the mantle may be a little bit more creepy, but I thought it was a fun way to display my other crow.

It reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe and of course Harry Potter, again! My husband says it’s the emblem for the Expendables, so there’s that too.

My skull is Styrofoam (much less breakable for the babes!), which I also got from Michael’s during their Halloween sale, but here is one you could order in a pinch.

The black candle pedestal was really affordable and could be styled many different ways for other seasons too.



This poison jar was actually designed and made by my cousin! She is a wiz and phenomenal at pottery, and she gifted this while we visited her in Utah, before my son was born! I thought it would be perfect for this display!! Here is another set that might work for your Halloween display.

Easy place to shop all my sources:


That’s all I got for ya! Did you decorate for Halloween this year? Any thoughts, suggestions for next year or questions, please leave a comment below! Happy Halloween!!

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