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Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide

So, Mother’s Day is coming up, and you may be wondering what the perfect gift for your mother should be. Let me just start by filling you in a little bit, about what the month of May is like for our family. I have two mothers, mine and my mother in law. They both have birthdays in May, perilously close to Mother’s Day. Naturally, this brings up the age old concern about gift giving. Do you give two gifts, one for each occasion? Should I buy one big gift to celebrate my moms birthdays AND Mother’s Day combined? Oh, and lets not forget, that I am also a mother now too. So, that’s another gift my husband will have to think about. Essentially, our family could be looking at anywhere from 3-5 gifts, in ONE month. That’s a lot of gift giving and money spent around a one week period. Not to mention, if there are any weddings or baby showers going on! And in the month of May, you can be sure there will be.


So, what to do? What gifts are appropriate for both birthdays and Mother’s Day? Or if you want to split them up, what are all the gift giving options? I’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts, that are mom approved. And I know, I’m a mom and I would love any of these gifts! These would work for my situation, as well as anyone celebrating Mother’s Day.


Gifts of Service

  • Spending time with familyBake her favorite dessert
  • A kid free day/Mom's day out coupon
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Massage (local salon or Groupon)
  • Make her a special dinner
  • Bring a new movie to watch with the family
  • Go to the theater together
  • Mani/Pedi (local salon or Groupon)


Quality Gift

  • Large Tote bag (bonus points if it's monogrammed)
  • Fancy Handbag
  • Perfume (Ulta is giving a free tote bag with any $40 fragrance purchase)
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Bouquet (unique to her or roses & lilies)
  • Gourmet sweets (Godiva, Ghiradelli, Sherri’s Berries)
  • Diamonds (necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings…)
  • Watch






Unique/Thoughtful Gifts

  • Etsy (literally ANYTHING from Etsy)
  • Cute/handmade notecards (for the crafty/hostess moms out there)
  • Books (something she's interested in or has always wanted to learn about)
  • Comfy socks (my mom really likes cozy socks)
  • Slippers
  • Potted Plant (these will last longer than a bouquet)


What we usually end up doing, is purchasing two gifts. We spend a little more on a quality item for our mom’s birthdays, and give a gift of service for Mother’s Day. That way, they are still getting recognition on both days, but we don’t feel pressured to break the bank either. As I’m a mom, I feel confident in saying this; I think most mothers just want to feel some extra love and appreciation on Mother’s Day. It doesn’t have to get extremely expensive or fancy (save that for their birthday or Valentine’s Day). Remember to always include a heartfelt card with any gift you give to your mom, and fill it with meaningful words of love and gratitude. Give her something she will cherish forever, or fond memories that last a lifetime.

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