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Rodan + Fields Facial Kit Review

Rodan + Fields Facial Kit Review

Is there a brand that you've been hearing so much about, that leaves you dying to try it? Well, Rodan + Fields is that brand for me. I've seen and heard so many good things about their products, and I was anxious to test them out for myself. I recently got the opportunity to try some of their products. I was given a mini facial kit to sample. And who doesn't want a facial right at their fingertips?! The kit came with an “Enhancements” sample, which is a Micro-Dermabrasion Paste for exfoliation. It also included some “Redefine” products. I was able to try their Night and Lip Renewing Serums from the Redefine line. Read below to see what I thought.



Micro-Dermabrasion Paste ($80): On the instructions, it’s suggested to use this in the morning, so I used it right after my workout and right before I hit the shower. It's supposed to give you a brighter, refined complexion. It adds polish to skin with a sugar and salt scrub featuring vitamin C and E. Let me tell you, this scrub smells so good. It says you can dilute the harshness of the exfoliation by dampening your skin first and then applying. However, I put this on my dry fair skin, and it is already a very soft exfoliator. I wouldn't recommend diluting it unless you have very sensitive skin. I left it on for a little bit longer than the recommended 30-60 seconds, because I was waiting for the shower to warm up. When I washed it off, my skin felt instantly smooth. I didn't want to clog up my pores after using Enhancements, so I just put moisturizer on and left that on all day.



Night Renewing Serum ($91): I wanted to use this Night Serum the same day I did my Enhancements scrub, but I didn't want to scrub off all the work that Redefine had done the night before. That's why I did the scrub in the morning, and then Redefine that same night. I didn't feel like there was enough product in the sample size. The consistency felt similar to Vaseline, but it's not greasy at all and was thinner. It's almost like a whisper. It's so light and airy, I felt like I needed more of it. But I was able to squeeze enough out to get full coverage over my face. The instructions said if your face still felt dry after putting on the sample, you could add moisturizer. I did not want to add a different moisturizer brand, because I did not want to skew the results. I already know how my personal moisturizer works. When I woke up, my face felt a little dry but firm. And I did notice my skin tone was a little more even, not such dark splotchy patches. I would be interested to see the progress of this product over continual usage. It’s very luxurious.


Lip Renewing Serum ($56): For the lip serum, I felt like there was almost too much product. I also have thin tiny lips, so maybe it's just me. The serum is very thick and glossy, and it smells wonderful. The smell fades after you put it on, so it's not like you have to deal with a scented gloss when you go to bed. This serum kept my lips hydrated all night! Usually when I wake up, my lips crack because they are dry (even with putting chapstick on before bed). This product definitely works and is perfect for those of us with dry lips!



I personally loved all of these products. I am sure that with continual use they would have your skin feeling silky smooth and fully hydrated. My concern with Rodan + Fields is the price. These are definitely not products I could work permanently into the budget. This would be more of a once in awhile, luxury or splurge item for me. Although, they do have the opportunity for discounts, and you all know how much I love getting a deal! You can join PCPERKS (one time $20 enrollment fee) for an exclusive 10% off and Free Shipping (on all orders over $80). If you plan on really investing in this brand, this would be a great deal for you and one you should not pass up! Ready to get in touch with a Rodan + Fields rep? I know just the one! See below for her contact information.

Contact: Jenn Bennett

Email: JennBennett81@gmail.com

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