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How to Get Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

How to Get Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you have waited to get a gift until the last minute... again….


Granted, both my mother and my mother-in-law have birthdays and Mother’s Day all within two weeks of each other.


That’s always a fun scramble for two different gifts each and different from the previous years! Here’s how to get last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas!


The best way to get last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day is to shop at stores that cater to last-minute shopping. Or find a unique way to still get the gifts you want and just give them when they arrive!



You can find beautifully handmade designed and unique gifts from Etsy. Most shops take 3-5 days to to ship, so make sure you’re checking the dates. But they really do have the most unique pieces.


If you’re looking for something original, start here and I would definitely recommend checking out today (or soon!) and maybe shooting the seller a message to make sure it will be delivered on time.


If it won’t be on time, but you still really want to get that particular gift, print out a picture of the item or write a clue describing it in a card, so she knows a gift is still coming but it’s on the way. We do that all the time and it still just as fun. Here are my top Etsy pics:



If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you already know the joys of free, two-day shipping with your membership. If you’re really cutting it close to the wire you’ve always got that back up!


Free two-day shipping has saved me so many times with gift giving. Just make sure when you check out you’re getting it on time or they are dates you’re comfortable with.



Target and Walmart both have a same day pick up. But, target has a drive up option and you only have to purchase one item. There is no minimum.


Walmart has a $30 minimum for free store pick up. And you still have to go inside.


If you’re a dad shopping for your wife, or you’re mama shopping for your mom, Target drive-up pick up is what you need!


You order online (if it’s in stock) and pick it up at your store.


But if you need to run in and grab something, there’s always that option too. I’m recommending Target over Walmart, because I don’t know a mom who doesn’t love target. And it’s a little bit nicer!


And if all else fails or you’re up to the day of, you can always give her a gift of service:

  • Plant her a colorful flower garden

  • Clean the house

  • Breakfast in bed

  • Bake her favorite dessert

  • Cook her favorite dinner

  • Take her for a night out on the town

  • Take her to see a movie

  • Treat her to a spa gift card

  • Get her a professional massage

  • Give her on a relaxing getaway



Really, the sky is the limit with the last minute gift ideas. Just think about her and the things she loves or that relaxes her. Moms just want to be appreciated and thought about on Mother’s Day.


Even a card and a simple bouquet of flowers (or chocolate) can work. It doesn’t have to be flashy or overly fancy. Just show the mom in your life that you thought about her and appreciate her!

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