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Valentines Makeup

Valentines Makeup

Hey y'all. I'm continuing my Valentine's theme this week, with some makeup styles I've created. I usually find myself doing the same ole' simple quick routine for every day, but for holidays and special occasions I usually like to do something a little fancier. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the options there are for eyes and contouring and lips and just give up and do what I know. These are the options that I know, but I've narrowed down a statement piece - lips! I've said it before, I LOVE lipstick. It's so easy to pair things with once you've decided on a color and look you want to go with. For this post, I chose colors that were "Valentine" appropriate, your reds and pinks. I've got four styles for this V-day. Some are super mom friendly and others take a little bit more time. But hey, if you've got a sweet date or just want to put in a little extra time, go for fancy!  

Classicly Simple


So, like the title explains, this look is REALLY really simple. I start with my base makeup (BB cream & powder & blush). Then I add a bold 24hr black eyeliner (Marc Jacobs) followed with mascara (Covergirl). Finish it off with a bright red lipstick (Revlon Colorstay Ultimate: Top Tomato) that wont come off, and you've got yourself a look that will last all day and took 2 minutes to create! Great for busy moms who still want to look like they tried!


Casual Chic


To create this look, start with your base makeup here too. Then, I just added a neutral eye shadow (Sehpora Pallet) on my lids, to my already lined & mascara eyes. Lastly, I switched my lip color to a bright, fun pink (Maybelline: 860 Pink Pop). You can get this style simply by adding on from the look above, it's so quick and can change your makeup from simple to chic in a second.


Modern Sophisticate


So, this look is very "trendy" right now. I've got a neutral smokey eye, and mauve matte lips (Kat Von D: Lolita). I did everything from the Casual Chic look, but instead of just one color on the lids, there are actually 3 shades of eye shadow going on. I've got the "base" beige, right under the brows, and then a light golden brown covering the whole bottom lid. Next, I put a dark brown shadow on the outside of the lids going about 1/2 way inward. Follow it up with a neutral matte and you've got yourself a trending look for a night out!


Sultry Vamp


This look is probably my favorite, and inevitably the most time. Don't you just hate it when that happens? With this look I still have on all my base makeup but, I lined BOTH of my lids with eyeliner. I used to do this all the time, but since motherhood I find myself only lining the top. Anyway, I used a dark brown eyeliner (Maybelline 24hr) on the top and a light bronzing brown (Marc Jacobs: Brownie) on the inside & outside on the bottom. Then, I smudged them with my finger to soften the lines. Next, I put on my eye shadow. It's very similar to the Modern Sophisticate look, but darker shades of brown so they stand out more. Don't forget the mascara to create bold black lashes! Finally, one of my favorite lipsticks (MAC: Diva) to create this Sultry Vampy look. Perfect for your fancy night out (or in) on Valentines Day! I chose a brown pallet for this eye makeup because it pairs really well with this lipstick.


Well, that's all I've got for tonight! Hope you'll be rocking some of these looks on Valentines Day with me. Whether it's a simple style or a sultry look you're going for - just make sure it's something you'll feel comfortable in. The main goal is to ENHANCE what you've already got and make you feel beautiful! So, go be yourself and look awesome doing it :) <3 Amanda

Velvet Crush

Velvet Crush

Valentine's Dates

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