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Highliner Review

Highliner Review

We're looking at one of my favorite products today! This is the best complimentary item I have ever gotten from Influenster, it's the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner. I have tried many eyeliners over the years and usually go for the cheaper options that I can find at Walmart and Target. Any one will do, right? Wrong! This eyeliner has changed my point of view. Cheaper is not always better, especially when you look at the "value" and what you're getting for the price.  



This is not my first time using the Marc Jacobs Highliner Crayon. I actually got a sample size in black, as well as a Marc Jacobs lipstick from Sephora for my birthday (a beauty insider perk). So, I was kind of expecting to get black, because I think it's universally used. As you can imagine, I was surprised to see two brown eyeliner pens. I received Earthquake and  Brownie full size eyeliners.




I never use brown eyeliner. I almost always use black. When I'm not using black, I'm using blue or purple. I use those colors because my eyes are a yellowish/green hazel, and those colors help bring out the natural green. I haven't used brown because I don't think it makes my eyes stand out as much. However, I was very wrong when it came to these shades. They are very bold and pigmented, and are actually two very different colors. Earthquake is like a dark, deep, rich, chocolate brown. While Brownie is a reddish brown (which goes wonderfully with my pale skin & freckles). I was pleasantly surprised once I put them on and saw how well they looked with my eyes & skin tone!







The application process is excellent too. They glide on so smooth and leave no clumping (literally feels like butter). This is an all-day wear crayon, so if you make a mistake you have about 15ec to fix it before it dries. I have not had any problems with the brown eyeliners, but the black one was very stubborn. These highliner crayons will keep your style all day.




And I think the coolest feature about these pens is that they have a twist up applicator. This means that you do not have to have a pencil sharpener to sharpen your eyeliner!! Pencil sharpener's have become the bane of my existence recently, and you cannot possibly appreciate how much this means to me! That I do not have to waste my product AND time sharpening my eyeliner is HUGE. This alone makes this product worth it in my opinion. It just makes everything that much easier.


Here is a quick, basic look that I created using my Brownie Marc Jacobs Highliner Crayon. My other crayon Earthquake has some how disappeared (I think my son hid it). The look is the same one I would have created with both. I like to use the darker brown on top and outline the bottom with Brownie because I feel it really helps emphasize my eyes and bring out the green. I do not have any eye-shadow on, but am wearing mascara and other base makeup.




If you are interested in seeing the other makeup products used, here is a picture of everything from the above images as well as application tools:


All in all, I would say $25 for an eyeliner that can do all that is worth it. It seems expensive at first, but when you look at what it offers: bold pigmented color, twist up applicator (yesss!!!), all day wear, waterproof, smooth application and a lot of product, I'd say you're getting the better end of the bargain. And as you can see, it goes with many different looks (I have shown you just 3). I would highly recommend this eyeliner from Marc Jacobs. <3 Amanda

**I did get this product for free, but all opinions are true and my own. @Influenster @MarcBeauty #Highliner #contest **

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