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Box Reveal

Box Reveal

I love getting free products in the mail! I am a part of multiple companies that send out free products for you to try. Some of these companies I have been invited to join and some are available to everyone (see my previous post about getting free products). I have my favorites, as some companies are better than others. They sometimes offer great luxury name brands or easily affordable discount/store brands (Walmart & Target). My most recent box full of goodies was from the Walmart Beauty Box. It was full of great items that I would’ve already used daily, but were hand selected for the winter season. I love getting this box because it is season related and saves me from having to try a million different things to find what I like. If I like what’s in the box, I get it and know I’m spending my money wisely on something I’ll use. So, let's dive in - I’ve had plenty of of time to use these products, so you know you’re getting my honest opinion :) img_0935

Garnier Sample

I liked this set, but it's not my favorite. I'm glad I got to try it out, because I wouldn’t buy this fragrance again (although I do love the brand). I'm not a huge fan of apple scented beauty products and this is just too strong a scent. Also, I think it would be better for spring or summer. I do like the fact that the ingredients are whole and natural though. I also like the fact that these leave my hair feeling soft all day without any additional products, and it doesn't weigh my curls down. All in all, a good shampoo and conditioner, but not the best for me, I think I could spend my money on something that does more for my hair.


Dove Products

Body Wash

I am really glad that I received this in the box! It felt so smooth while washing, and really does leave your skin feeling soft afterwards. Dove makes really good, refreshing, quality products. This is a great every day body wash and leaves dry skin feeling so moisturized. There isn't really a scent, so it doesn't get in the way of other fragrances (shampoo/lotion/perfume). Great find, I would buy again!



This stuff is great! It really smells amazing and lasts! What a great value too, at $5 for a twin pack. It's better than other deodorants by dove and better than other brands too. I use it before my workout and I never smell, and after I shower it stays on all day! Great stuff, fully recommend it.


Curel Lotion

This lotion is AMAZING! I use it at least 4x a day - right after I shower and my skin is still wet. I also use it after hand washing b/c my hands dry out so easily (especially in winter)! It does leave a slightly clammy feeling for a few min (even though it says on the bottle that it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling). I don't mind b/c I know it's moisturizing my skin and it beats being dry & crackling. It doesn't have a scent and I’m okay with that.It’s also a long lasting lotion! Would HIGHLY recommend for dry skin and I DID already purchase this with the $2.50 off coupon they also provided in the box. Also pairs extremely well with the dove body wash (I see what they did there…)


Ponds Cream

I've been using this stuff for a few weeks now, and it recommends 2 to see a difference, but I could  already see smoother skin after only a week. I'm only 28, so I'm not covered in wrinkles or anything, but it's helping moisturize and lift. It's my first time trying anti-wrinkle cream, and this one is a winner. It’s only $8.50 for 14 oz, and that’s a great deal for anti-wrinkle cream. I'm so glad this came so I could try it! It's got a fun round packaging too, cute. In the picture, I am ONLY wearing the cream and mascara below.


Covergirl Mascara

I have used the same mascara for years, tried different ones and always come back to the original one. However, with this mascara, I have found a new favorite! It goes on so smooth, doesn't clump and stays on all day. One application and it looks so natural. I bet with three more applications, you could get volume and boldness, but that's not what I'm usually going for in a mascara anyway. I like a very natural look. And I wear contacts and this mascara does not irritate my eyes, so it’s definitely a score. It's not expensive at all, only $7. Will definitely be a repeat buyer. The first picture is just of ONE eye with the mascara and the other one has both done.


img_2683 So, all in all, this box was a MAJOR score for only $5 towards shipping. I would definitely recommend signing up for this beauty box! Who doesn’t use all of these things - or someone in your family? What a great way to sample products for free (and who DOESN'T enjoy getting packages in the mail at least every quarter)! Leave a comment below of beauty boxes you subscribe to and if you think they’re worth it or not - would love to hear some feedback about them! <3 Amanda

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Stocked Place

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