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Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Everyone loves free things, but how does one actually go about getting free things? I’ve seen (and been tricked) into signing up for those “free fly” adverts on social media and all it ever gets me is spam mail! You go through countless pages of declining special offers, waiting for the free products page, only to discover – there are NO free products, just a bunch of junk mail at the end. And it is really frustrating. BUT, fairly recently, I’ve found some pretty great ways to get products for FREE. I’ve gotten so many free products over the last year, it isn’t even funny, and I expect even more to come this year. This is a list of where & how I get to try products (most full size) for free. #1 INFLUENSTER

This, in my opinion, is the best site to get free things! You go through a survey (and link your social media accounts) when you sign up, asking about the kinds of products you like, how much you spend, what your income range and family are like (and so on). Then they will select whatever campaigns they think will be good for you. Some are only online and you get coupons to try products, and some (most of what I’ve gotten) are actual boxes full of product(s) that come in the mail – absolutely FREE. I will say, that the “catch” here is this: the more involved you are (engaging on their feed/social media outlets and reviewing products) the more likely they are to send you more/better products. I started out getting boxes full of random stuff (sometimes things I liked and some I was confused about). But the more campaigns you accept and badges you have, the more you will get selected for. So, do EVERYTHING they send your way (even if you think it’s totally lame), so you can start earning badges and getting the “good stuff”. I think I went through 5 surveys before I actually got selected for a box, so DON’T GIVE UP! These photos are just what I’ve gotten in the last year!

 Additionally, these are prizes I have won from Influenster (even MORE free stuff)


#2 BzzAgent

I actually JUST started BzzAgent, so I can’t really say with the utmost confidence that they have great products to try, but I do like what I’ve seen so far. I’ve only been a member of this community since December 2016 and I’ve already received my welcome package in the mail and accepted my first campaign (yay!). They are a lot LESS “work” than Influenster, but they seem to also not offer the same quality/amount of products. From what I’ve seen, they only offer ONE product per campaign (unlike a box that could have multiple items included). I can’t wait to start reviewing more of their products and increase my “free stash”.


#3 Walmart Beauty Box

Okay, so *technically* this box is not FREE, because you have to pay $5 for shipping – but really, common’ $5 for shipping? That’s practically free! There were 6 samples in my winter box that I got this year, and I was not complaining about that pesky little shipping cost. You only get these boxes every quarter/season, so it’s not like you’re spending $5 every month. Just four times a year! $20 to try great products that come right to your door? Sign me up (and I did)! Another “catch” of this box is, you don’t get to pick your products. But, because they are tailored to each season, I think it’s safe to say you will use them and they could actually become staples for you. Win, win. Looking forward to the spring box!!



#4 Instagram Giveaways

This one may seem a little weird because I’ve pretty much just been sharing about subscription type boxes and how to get them. Those ways are fail proof – because I’ve actually seen the success and products from those companies. This one is a little more up to chance, if you will. BUT, I have actually won several FREE products from contests on Instagram before, so hear me out. I was like you, I was SUPER skeptical and thought they were rigged (and maybe some of them are, but not all of them!). Honestly, I would say enter any of them that you want – if you even remotely like that product, go for it. Just follow whatever they say to do in their caption and do it. But, do it better than everyone else. If they say post the picture for extra points, do it. If they say tag 3 friends, tag 30 friends (and split it up at different times in the day). I’m so dead serious – my friends probably hate me because I tag them in like 5 giveaways a day, but I WIN some of them, so there J Someone’s gotta win those contests – why can’t it be you? I've actually won even more contests than the ones I've pictured here, but couldn't find good representation.

So, there you have it; ways to legitimately get products for FREE. Feel free to ask me any questions about any of the ways I get free products, I’d love to hear from you and help you out any way that I can. I know this works and is a tried & true way to receive products at no cost to you, because I’ve done them all.

I would love to know any other ways you’ve been getting products for free that don’t end up in a bunch of unwanted spam mail! Leave a comment below with your thoughts and insights J

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