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2016 Shampoo's

2016 Shampoo's

So, last year, I got so many free samples/bottles from Influenster, that I literally did not have to buy shampoo/conditioner once! It was so great! I got all of these brands to try for FREE (see the deets in my previous post). Here’s some background on my hair for comparison purposes: a few highlights, dry, long, thin strands, thick amount, dry scalp. So, here we go!  

Hair Food Sulfate Free Honey Apricot Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner


This shampoo & conditioner smells amazing! So fresh & fruity. It did make my hair soft, and keep the smell hours later, but other than that, I'm not sure what else was truly great about it. It didn’t really change the softness of my locks or seem to help the curls. But it is supposed to be very good/healthy for your hair. It’s $10, and I probably wouldn’t purchase this again because I couldn’t really see any difference in my hair other than smell (there are much better products out there, in my opinion).


L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner:


Love, love, love these products! They are accurate in saying they can change your hair - and with just one use! I was skeptical at first, but I am a believer now. I used it every day, and it worked miracles. My hair wasn't really "life-less" but it wasn't shiny and it certainly wasn't soft (never had been - damage from heat tools and color chemicals). It also helped with my frizz and kept the look for days after. Another thing that was impressive, was that it helped my keep my curls without extra product and it wasn’t even a “curl” specific product - just an added perk! And it smells luxurious & refreshing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dull, lifeless, damaged hair. $5 at Walmart right now, it will change your life - you should do it!


TRESemmé Beauty-FULL Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner & Shampoo


This stuff is so cool! It goes against everything I know as a cosmetologist to wash with conditioner first and then shampoo. It's for the health of your hair to do it that way to begin with, but i guess they've come up with a way to still get the job done without damaging the hair. It makes my hair feel so soft and smells amazing. I can't really notice any volume though - maybe my hair is too thick/heavy? And it doesn't keep my curl in, so that is a major deduction. But these are available for $5 at Target if you’re interested in switching up your routine a bit.


Aussie Cleanse & Mend shampoo & Conditioner:


I’m actually still using this shampoo/conditioner set. I think so far, it’s lasted me around 2 months. It’s a great value, $8 for 29.2 Fl Oz at Walmart. I think this product is great for cleansing, but it doesn’t help my scalp as much as I would like. It does help with product buildup (I really only use mousse), but does NOT help with my natural wave - it actually makes it kind of flat. I would recommend this for cleansing, but don’t really see a big difference in “mending” (other products make it softer/stronger). Scent is very tropical and refreshing.


L'Oréal EverPure Volume Shampoo & Conditioner


I like the fact that these products are full of good ingredients and have no harsh chemicals, so I'm sure my locks are getting a natural cleanse. It also provides a little volume compared to other shampoos. Not too crazy about the scent, just smells clean- nothing special (lotus scented). I don't have colored hair, so I'm not sure how I ended up w this particular sample (unless they’re considering highlights color & that I wanted voluminous products). It was definitely the wrong fit for my hair. It would be better for someone who has colored hair. I actually ended up giving my samples to a friend with colored hair and she was very impressed. She said her hair felt healthy, clean and soft & shiny for days after. $7 for these; for me - not worth it, but I would be interested to try their EverPure Curl which is also sulfate free.


Hope these reviews helped some of you decide on whether these brands are worth it to try, or maybe another product in that same line. I love the fact that I got to try all of these products for free! My hair is kind of a big deal to me and anything I can use to make it healthier, more shiny and all around better is of great value to me (especially when it costs me nothing)! Would love to know of any great hair products you’ve found recently! Leave a comment below  <3 Amanda

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How to Get Products for Free