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Free Products for Pregnant Moms

Free Products for Pregnant Moms

FREE swag for expecting moms. Why do the rich and famous get all the fabulous FREE swag, when they can actually afford to pay retail value and then some? Well, mama's now you too can get good quality, free product samples/coupons for you and your new little.


If you know me, or have been following my blog, you'll know how much I love getting products for free. Sometimes the free products I receive take some work to initially get, and to keep getting (like Influenster). Some free products I get simply because I am a blogger, and am willing to write a review in exchange for product.


But THESE items are FREE products that any expecting or new mom (and in some cases, moms in general) can get. However, I do have to put in a little disclaimer here that although some of these products claim to be “free” samples, they still have a shipping charge, which makes them not 100% “free”. Honestly, the shipping charge is not that much, and still makes these products more affordable than if you were to purchase them at retail value.




Buy Buy Baby Registry

  • You have to physically go into the store, and create a registry there. Then they will give you a FREE goodie bag when you check out.

  • I think this bag could be improved, it's mostly coupons. But hey, it's free!



Target Registry

  • You can create your registry online or in store. I chose online since it was easier.

  • Head into the store with your registry confirmation (email or printed), and get a FREE goodie bag with $50 in samples & discounts.
  • Definitely a good sample of products and coupon value.



Amazon Baby Registry

  • Login with a prime account (or sign up for a free 30 day trial - you I have the option to cancel). You need to have the prime account in order to get the FREE baby registry welcome box.

  • Spend $10 on an item in your registry. This can literally be any item on amazon, just add it to your registry.

  • Complete your registry checklist. I just added one or two items from each category to fulfill this requirement.

  • Once all of your requirements are complete, go back and sign up for the Welcome Box

  • Ships in 5-7 business days.

  • Totally worth it in my opinion!



  • Called (1-800-408-7277) for information regarding their Gerber Baby Nutritional Kit. They no longer offer it, but she did send out a Gerber “Welcome Kit” for me.

  • Can sign up your kids for “My Gerber” for samples, coupons and other perks.

  • This was not worth it in my opinion. All I received was a coupon for $2 off formula, and these milestones stickers. If you're going to purchase milestone stickers, don't! Sign up for this and you'll get them for free.



  • Quarterly Subscription Box

  • Sign up for a Prenatal, Baby or Toddler Box (can change based on your needs, just wait till the next 3 month period so you're not paying twice in a quarter)

  • Only $5 every 3 months, for shipping - products are FREE

  • Box featured is the prenatal box, as I signed up at the end of my second trimester. As you can see, most of the products are newborn related. But I'm really loving the oil that helps with stretch marks!



Honest Company

  • 2 trial sizes available to choose from (diapers/wipes & bathing products)

  • You can select both options for FREE and only pay shipping once. Just pick your diaper size and baby's gender. Don't bother picking out prints, they will just send you a prepackaged set.

  • $5.95 Shipping

  • Make sure you cancel your “free” trial subscription when you receive the package, so you are not charged the monthly fee for this service. But you do have 7 days to cancel.


  • 2 trial sizes available to choose from (diapers/wipes & bathing products)

  • You can select both options for FREE, and only pay shipping once. Just pick the diaper size you want.

  • $5.95 Shipping

  • Make sure you cancel your “free” trial subscription when you receive the package, so you are not charged the monthly fee for this service. But you do have 7 days to cancel. Although, as soon as I received my package, the next day I got an email saying I would be charged for the next months order. So, I would recommend canceling this one immediately.



  • 2 FREE books (age appropriate)

  • $1 shipping

  • 2 week trial period to cancel.


  •  12 books (one a month) for every  year, till they are 6yrs old!!  
  •  Must sign up each child individually.
  •  Wish I would have known about this two years ago.
  • Only catch, there has to be a program in your area. Click HERE to see if your city offers this program. This service is NOT based on "need/income".
  • I have not received my first book yet. I applied the beginning of August, and will not receive it until October. Just an FYI. 


  • Choose from a variety of affordable book packages depending on your child’s age (Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, Dr. Suess)

  • From Krazy Coupon Lady, these were advertised as FREE with $5.95 shipping. Now they are advertised as $5.95 with free shipping. It’s the same thing either way, and it only comes out to $1.19 per book (which is more affordable than Amazon, and better quality than the Dollar Tree).

  • Cancel subscription(s) as soon as your books ship to avoid further monthly charges (1-800-353-3140).


This is by no means an exhaustive list of the free products you can receive during pregnancy, or for your newborn. These are just the items that I think are worth it, offer decent shipping rates, and are available to everyone.


Also, I have a few more products/samples I am waiting on to come in the mail. I've put this post off long enough waiting for everything to come in, so I will be updating as those items arrive. Make sure you're signed up for my newsletter to receive notifications of my newest posts (only two emails a week), and follow me on my social media channels to see my current finds and updates! <3 Amanda




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