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Welcome to Value Minded Mama. This is my creative space where I document motherhood moments, cool kiddo and family finds, my super simple casual mommy style, saving time and money tips, our travels/adventures and being a stay at home mom. I love that you're here! Please stop by one of my posts (or fill out the contact form) and let me know how you found me. I love making friends and connecting with new people. Feel free to check out my social media channels below for more from Value Minded Mama.

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What do all these pieces have in common? It may not be what you think... Believe it or not, I found ALL, I repeat ALL, of these items at local thrift stores (His House off 378 & Thrift Avenue in West Cola).

THIS is what my blog is all about. You can have nice, name brand items within your specific budget (which ours is pretty much non-existent for clothes). You can still look trendy & stylish as a mom, put your kids first, and save - you just have to get creative with where you shop. I probably spent a total of $20 for all 6 of these excellent condition pieces - retail, I'm sure it would have been at least $250 for them. I have a kind of obsession with shopping & new clothes purchasing. Which is why thrifting works out so well for me, I can get the new clothes I want, at prices I can afford and know i'm still getting great deals for quality clothes. Also, it's very fair trade (reuse & recycle & thrift store jobs) and good for the environment (less clothes in landfills) to shop at thrift stores, especially local ones because it goes right back into your economy.

Hope this helps encourage you to try thrifting as a way to meet your fashion needs. This has worked EXTREMELY well for me and my family! My husband would probably argue that I'm spending all our money trying to save money - but honestly, it's either thrift stores, or the mall. Plus, I LOVE the thrill of finding a staple piece or a really high end clothing item at a steal (which come on, it's a steal if you found it at the thrift store in the first place). Leave a comment of something cool you found at the thrift store or any tips you have for finding great things at great prices!  <3 Amanda

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