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Make Money

Make Money

As a stay at home mom (SAHM) I’ve felt the financial strain on our family of 3 by not being in the workforce. That being said, I only have an associate’s degree (because I’ve only ever wanted to be a SAHM in the first place), and any job I would have would either be a 9-5 administrative position or a part-time job. I would literally be working a dead-end job to put my child in daycare. Daycare in South Carolina, for a low-level one, is at least $650 per month. I’m sorry, but I think my mind and energy are of better use raising my child and taking care of our household. I don’t think this is antiquated or sexist… Actually, I have always considered it an honor and great responsibility to be a SAHM. My own mother was a single mom and had a great job (Colonel in the Air National Guard) that provided for our family extremely well, but she was absent a lot, never went on field trips, and we almost always had to stay in  after school programs. My kids don’t have to have that life. We’re blessed that my husband works a decent, full time job that can meet our basic needs (and some of our desires too), so I am not pressured to work. HOWEVER, sometimes I feel like I need to contribute monetarily, whether it’s for “fun money”, extra bills or we are saving for vacation. I’ve put in order, in my opinion and what has worked for me, from the easiest to the most effort, to make some money as a SAHM/college student or you just want some extra cash.  

Sell things

Consignment:  Sell your clothes/accessories/shoes at local consignment shops to get some fast cash. There is like, no extra effort than if you were just donating to Goodwill. If you have current name brand items, you could make a good bit. These stores are usually very particular though, I’ve only ever made $20 max at a drop off (but that’s also because the clothes I’m selling were originally 2nd hand anyway or too old to be considered). A new online consignment store that has been making headway is Thread Up. Of course, you’d have to ship your items to them, and then they decide what to keep and how much you make. I personally think that’s too much work, but whatever works for you!

Facebook Groups/Let Go: These options are better than craigslist, in my opinion. They are local, so people don’t have to worry about shipping costs (both sides). The pictures posted can be mediocre, so it’s not like you have to be a photographer/stylish. Most people get their stuff sold fast too, like in minutes (unless you’re me, then it takes days… lol). The only caveat is people want stuff CHEAP – like yard sale cheap, but if you’re just looking to make some quick money and want stuff gone (or selling furniture) then that won’t bother you.

Poshmark: Clean out your closets (men & kids now too)! This is a fun site/app that is set up kind of like Instagram. You take cute/stylish pictures  of the items your selling, share it in the main news feed or specified parties, accept/decline offers, ship item (no cost to you – only to buyer), they  check the item and approve it, and then you get paid (credit for site or transfer to your bank). This is the most effective method for me to make money off my clothes! People will literally buy anything! I’ve been a member since June 2016 and I’ve made almost $300! Use my code: NTNUO for $5 when you sign up!

Etsy: If you have a skill/craft that you could make a profit on (and can charge decent money for it), I would recommend this. It’s kind of like a big artisan’s online store. Think outside the box too, if you are good at graphic design, you can charge for downloadable files.


Dscout: This is an app that you can get paid to do specific tasks, answer survey type questions and submit video feedback about projects for different companies.  The companies pay you, through Dscout after you’ve completed all their required missions. Some are more involved (using a lot of mind power and over a period of weeks) and some require very menial involvement – just testing out an app for $5. Most require answering questions and video submissions. I’ve been a member since 2015, and have accepted 13 missions (could be multiple missions for each project) and have had no problems with time investment or money showing up. You can earn anywhere from $5-$250 for an opportunity. The catch is, you can choose what to apply for – but they can choose to accept you or not. So, I apply for everything (even things I’m not sure about) so I can increase my chances of getting selected for that project. I've made about $400 from this app, I'd say it's a winner!

Credit Cards

Okay, so I know credit cards seem weird to be “making money” off of, but hear me out…CASH BACK. I never knew about credit cards that offered cash back before I met my husband (5yrs ago). Maybe it was a newer concept back then and it’s more main stream now, but I think this might help some of you. If you’ve already got a credit card that you regularly use and you AREN’T getting cash back… you need to ditch that card and get one that has cash back benefits. You’re already making the purchases – you might as well get rewarded for it. Chase offers you 5% each quarter on certain purchases (gas, restaurants, clothing stores, etc.) and 1% on all other purchases ALL the time. Other cards do too, but Chase, honestly, has the best incentives and perks J

Hope these tips helped and you can start earning money fast! Are there any ways that I missed that you’ve found work for making a quick buck? I’d love to hear about them!

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