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Sophisticated Thrift

Sophisticated Thrift


I LOVE a good thrift find! I love it even more when I come across multiples! This past week, I found two amazing Ann Taylor LOFT skirts (size 2 - I was super stoked about that) at Goodwill. Now, remember in my post about being thrifty (link) when I said to shop in the “nicer” areas of town? Well, that’s exactly what I did (Garners Ferry). Sometimes thrift stores can be really overwhelming because there are so many rows of mismatched clothing, but if you know why you're going there - and what you’re looking for, it can seem less daunting. I originally went for dresses and ended up spending at least 30min sifting through that whole wall of stuff. Before that, I checked out the skirts and jeans. I really like shopping for bottoms at thrift stores because it’s usually a miss (and frustrating) when shopping for tops. Bottoms (skirts, jeans, dresses) are more expensive in the retail world, so I figure if I can get nice pieces at thrift stores, I can invest in good quality neutral tops for retail (but obviously DISCOUNTED retail - cause I never pay full price).I ended up trying on like 15 items, but didn’t get anything besides the two skirts. You HAVE to try on stuff to make sure it fits! What’s the point of getting something on sale if you won't wear it because it doesn’t fit properly? I know, trying on clothes in thrift store might seem gross or take too much time, but those clothes have been worn by different people with different body types. I find that I really like items on the hanger, and when I try them on they look bad (and visa versa). I’m so glad I picked up those skirts to try on! I didn’t think they would fit b/c I’m not a size 2 in any other brand, but they were so cute, I just had to see. Thank goodness for my gym membership ;)

Here is the look I created for Charleston over the weekend. I think it has such a southern sophisticated charm about it. It could work as a business ensemble, church outfit or casual hangout with the girls. I paired it with different necklaces and removed the chambray shirt, for two distinct looks. I hope you love it just as much as I do! Side note: my chambray button-down was also found at a local thrift store (His House, Lexington) a couple months ago. So, thrift wins all around!















chambray shirt (Talbots) // skirt (Loft) // tank (Old Navy) // booties (Fergalicious) // initial tortoiseshell necklace (Francesca's) // antique necklace (JewelMint)


Hope everyone enjoyed this thrifty post :) I love how this outfit turned out! I'm going to really enjoy reconstructing and styling my outfits for my "Thrifty Thursdays" posts. I'm so used to wearing everything basic and casual like - so I'm looking forward to seeing new ways (and comfortable ways) to wear these pieces. They are such great finds and I wish you luck with your thrift shopping too! <3 Amanda

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