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Neutral Plunge Bra

The value of a neutral plunge bra is priceless. Of course, I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a bra anyway (nor would I want to, because honestly I can see a way better use of our money than to spend it on overpriced lace). BUT I do think you have to see the value in a higher quality bra that will last you over a longer period of time and go with multiple ensembles. I have been searching for the perfect plunge bra for about three months now. My factors were wearability, price, style and fit. A lot of the bras I found were either way to expensive ($40 + for a bra I will only wear with a couple outfits is just out of our budget), didn’t have enough plunge (the whole point of the bra) or they had this weird seam down the middle that would show through the top (really noticeable and not cute). Then, I found the RIGHT bra.


I found this bra at Victoria’s Secret. They have a great selection of bralettes in all styles, but this one was the perfect amount of coverage for what I needed. I’m sure they have plenty of bras that are not “bralette” style that are actually multi-purpose and/or plunge, but this one was affordable for me. Target actually had almost the exact same style, but the plunge wasn’t deep enough, the lace was too thin and it had that seam in front of the cups.  AND that bra was $17, this VS bra was $20 - $3 more for a bra that meets all of my needs and will actually last for a while? Sign me UP! Here are some of the different outfits that I can wear with one PERFECT plunge bra.



So, even though Target would have seem to be a better “value” because it was cheaper, it really wouldn’t have been a wise choice. It would have fallen apart sooner (poorer quality) and it had a weird look (so I wouldn’t have worn it). Sometimes it’s better save money for the higher quality item, so it will last longer and go with more pieces. What are some bad purchases you have made, where you wished you would have saved and gone for a better quality? Leave a comment below :)

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