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8 Summer Essentials That No Woman Should Be Without

8 Summer Essentials That No Woman Should Be Without

Are y’all totally diggin summer? I love the summer. It’s my favorite season. It’s vacation, the beach, family and pure relaxation. Okay… maybe not so much for me, now that I have kids, but that’s what it reminds me of. Want to know a way to have the best summer? Be properly prepared for it! Here are my 8 Summer Essentials That No Woman Should Be Without, no matter the activity!


 *Standard disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received product for review purposes. Affiliate links are included. All opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.*


1. Water

Water is a MUST during the summer heat. I am very bad about drinking water throughout the day, but anytime we are outside or active I make sure everyone has a bottle. You do not want to get dehydrated!! Plus, it’s good for your skin. Take a reusable water bottle with you when you’re out and about for quick/easy refills and to minimize using plastic bottles.


2. Sunglasses

We’re used to wearing sunglasses here in SC. Even if it’s not necessarily hot, it’s usually sunny. That’s why sunglasses are a must have during the summer. Whether you’re driving, going to the beach or just hanging outside, make sure you wear protective eyewear.



3. Sunscreen

I’m also guilty of not wearing enough sunscreen throughout the summer… live for the tan! I have fair skin, hair and freckles. My children are both extremely fair and have very sensitive skin. This year especially I am making sure we are all completely lathered in sunscreen, at all times. We go through so many bottles, I have pretty much tried every brand. My newest discovery is from Elta MD skincare.

It’s UV Sport, SPF 50 made specifically for active lifestyles and water resistant up to 80 minutes. What I love most about this sunscreen is that it is great for all skin types and the high SPF coverage. It also has an easy to use nozzle and is a lotion. Because of my kid’s sensitive skin, they cannot use spray sunscreen as it dries them out. This is a sunscreen for the whole family, especially when you have a very energetic toddler boy and a baby girl on the move!

 At the playground

At the playground

 At the zoo

At the zoo


4. Chapstick

Does anyone else get super chapped lips, like all the time? Wearing lipstick sometimes helps, but they can still get dry. In the summer I’m not usually going around with full make up and lipstick. I like to keep it really natural and simple since I’m just going to sweat everything off anyways. But my lips get so chapped that I always need to keep chapstick handy. Sometimes I forget and I literally feel like I’m in a desert without it. Don’t forget the chapstick this summer!


5. Snacks

This may seem random to some, but when you’re a mom, you will totally understand! I never go anywhere without snacks. My kid will inevitably want one, but I will also need an energy boost throughout our many adventures. Do yourself a favor and buy snacks that everybody enjoys so you can just grab a handful before you rush out the door.



6. Sandals

I love booties, but y’all I live in sandals! There are so many different styles and cute ways to wear them now. My favorites are super simple slide ons that go with everything. Shop some of my other go-to styles for summer.


7. Straw Bag

I’m sure you’ve seen the straw bag a million times at this point, but it is so fun for summer! I love the smaller cross bodies, but they’re just not practical for my life right now. I found a super amazing deal for a large tote that can fit all of our junk. It would even work for a beach trip. But if straw bags aren't your thing, make sure you get something to carry all your summer essentials in.



8. Hair Ties

Usually I can’t even step out of the house without having my hair up, but for the rare times I do go outside with my hair down, I immediately wish I had a hair tie. Wear one on your wrist, put it in your car, or throw it in your bag. Seriously. You’ll thank me later! They also serve as great emergency rubber bands if you happen to need one.


Well, that’s sums up my list of 8 Summer Essentials That No Woman Should Be Without. Do you think I missed anything? What are some of your must haves for summer?

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