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The 7 Best Postpartum Products You Need

The 7 Best Postpartum Products You Need

Hey y’all! Just doing a little six month postpartum check in. I tell ya, getting back into shape and having the energy to actually do anything, the second time around, is tough! I love both my kiddos equally, but they both bring different struggles and just  “more” to the table right now, especially together! Going from one to two is NO JOKE.


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So, while I’ve been dragging my feet getting back into the real world, how we used to do things and my workouts, these are some of the best postpartum products that have helped my recovery and have just made my life as a mom of two a heck of a lot easier!


1. Witch Hazel Pads

This is literally the best and fastest way to provide instant relief and comfort immediately after giving birth. You can make your own, or you can purchase some like these.


2. Soft, Stretchy Clothes

I practically live in comfy clothes all the time now anyway... But I think this is essential when you first get back from the hospital. If you have more than one child, you’re probably going to be bigger than you were the first time around, and it might take you longer to bounce back. The least you can do is be comfy about it! Here are some of my favorite comfy pieces.


3. Huge Water Bottle

It is very important to stay hydrated after giving birth, and in general really. But most especially when you are breastfeeding. I wasn’t able to breastfeed with either of mine, but I can still see a difference when I drink more water, versus when I don’t. Plus, it’s just a good thing, for your body, to get in the habit of!


4. Freezer Meals

I am blessed to have a Jesus loving community where “Meal Trains” are a thing. But not everybody has access to others dropping by and providing meals when new babies (or unexpected circumstances) come around. That’s why freezer meals are such a lifesaver! I had a friend drop off about six different freezer meals (FAMILY SIZE) when we had our second and that was honestly better for us. I say, stock up whenever you can, because those meals are sustainable and can help you for months to come! Buy premade or DIY!

photo by: newleafwellness.biz

photo by: newleafwellness.biz


5. Babywearing Wraps 

When I had my first, I only used a babywearing wrap when he was too little to fit in the stroller, or I couldn’t figure out how to get him to stop crying without holding him. So honestly, it wasn’t that often. With my second, I wear her all the time, because I need my hands free and to keep track of another child. You might have been able to get away without wearing your first baby, but you will definitely need to wear your second! Here is a more indepth look at babywearing. These are a few of my favorite wraps!


6. Corset/Girdle

I seriously underestimated the power of a postpartum corset. I guess I kind of thought it was vain, or that I didn’t need it. But it can be so beneficial to helping aid your postpartum recovery. I did not use one with my first at all, but with my second it was only about a month in and I wanted one. There is no shame in wanting to get back to your pre-pregnancy body quicker! I used the Bellefit because it is the best and it’s medical grade!


If you're still a bit skeptical, take a look at my recovery, only using the Bellefit for ONE month, HERE. I also have a discount code if you are in the market for one of these. Use VALUE20 HERE, for $20 off. Making the exact corset I used, ONLY $88.75 (originally $145). That is a GREAT deal! But the code works on any of the corsets too.


Here are several other postpartum corsets that I've tried, or that have been recommended to me, if you’re not quite ready to invest in the Bellefit:


7. Stretch Mark Cream

This was actually a new stretch mark cream for me. It just came out a couple months ago. I was around four months postpartum at that point. But it still worked! I wish I would’ve had this right after delivery because my stretch marks would have disappeared so much faster! I was seriously so impressed with this cream! It’s worth the price!



Well, there you have it. It’s kind of an unconventional list for postpartum recovery. I feel like most people talk about what you need immediately after the hospital, but they don’t really talk about what you would need for the following months to come. Because that is also part of recovery, I wanted to include some of those items as well. Your body takes nine months to make a baby from start to finish. Give your body nine months at least to fully recover! It’s amazing what a woman’s body goes through and can do in such a short amount of time! Give yourself a pat on the back mama!


Do you have any postpartum recovery “go tos”? I would love to hear all about them! Especially if any *nursing* mamas have any input... I can’t help with that ;)

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