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My First Daily Goodie Box

My First Daily Goodie Box

Y'all know I'm such a sucker for getting free products. I recently stumbled upon a company that offered a free product box. When I signed up, I did not think I would be approved for a box right away, but I was. My box was scheduled to arrive a month later from when I had originally applied and filled out my profile, but I would say it was totally worth the wait. I received 10 samples, some full-size, some one time use. They were all products I have never tried before, or hadn't even necessarily heard of. I got to test drinks, food and skin care items. Take a look at the products below.

 Andalou Naturals Lift & Firm Cream Age Defying

 The unique thing about this cream is, it's made with fruit stem cells. With bioactive 8 berry complex and a portfolio of superfruit antioxidants, it's certified organic. It's also got aloe vera, which soothes inflammation, oxygenates and hydrates. With the fruit stem cell complex, DMAE, and hyaluronic acid, they combine for a visible face lift.
I believe that with continual use, this product would definitely deliver. But because I was only able to sample a single use trial, I can't say whether or not it actually has lifting capabilities. Although it is clinically proven. Together, these age-defying bioactives can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fade hyperpigmentation for even skin tone, and improve overall texture for a visibly lifted, firmer, more youthful complexion. And who doesn't want that? This specific formula is for dry and very dry skin. But they have several options for other skin types. A little bit about the production of this product: 100% Non-GMO beauty paraben and sulfate free, fair trade, vegan, cruelty and gluten free. Its also pH balanced & hypo-allergenic. I don't know about you, but this product seems almost too good to be true with all its wholesome and natural ingredients, and is also ethically made. You can get this at Walmart for a mere $19, and that's a bargain!


Natralia - Eczema Body Wash & Shampoo

I was very impressed with this body wash and shampoo. My two-year-old son has very fair, sensitive skin. He also has clear rough patches and eczema. Anytime he eats acidic foods, even cinnamon, it can cause rashes and flare ups. I've been using this wash for a couple weeks consecutively on him, and I have seen a definite improvement in his skin. I've not see this much change (or so quickly) from body/skin products before, so I'm certainly impressed. Another great thing about this wash is, it's an all natural product with treated oatmeal being the active ingredient.


Swago - Cologne Wipes For Men

My husband was not a fan of this cologne. It was too strong for him, and he wasn't too fond of the scent. We did agree that the convenience of these little take and go packets were unique. It would be so much more convenient to take these on trips or have on hand last minute, than carrying a bottle or sample size of cologne. You don't have to worry about glass breaking or leaks. The wipes are very saturated and could probably be used more than once if sealed in a plastic bag. Cool product, but the scent was not for us.


Tiger Balm - Pain Relieving Patch

I have to say I am a new believer in the pain relieving patches, especially this one by Tiger Balm! I wasn't sure how effective it would be, because I've used cooling and heat creams before after a workout for sore muscles and didn't see much improvement. But this patch was comfortable, had long lasting relief and wasn't messy at all. It's just like a sticker you put on the spot that needs attention, then you remove it once it wears off. It lasted around an hour, maybe more (I honestly wasn't paying close attention, but I know it was a long time). It had very warm and cooling temperatures that changed on its own. I put this on my lower back, which was sore from cardio exercises and pregnancy pains. These patches could be used for multiple purposes and would totally be worth it.


ONA Cookies (Brownie)

These cookies are a very healthy snack, and full of natural and a whole ingredients. If you're looking for a clean eating cookie, these are for you. I personally was not a fan, because they were very thick and dense, and did not taste like any kind of cookie I've ever had before. They basically taste like protein bars. They are only sweetened with honey, but I honestly couldn't taste anything sugar related. I let my son try some before I even sampled my piece, and he ate it up. So, at least he enjoyed his healthy snack posing as a cookie. I would not have believed this was a cookie from taste alone. It is definitely good for you, and free of anything that would cause anybody with allergies problems, so it's got that going for it.


Georgia Grinders Creamy Peanut Butter

This peanut butter is really tasty for only having two ingredients, peanuts and sea salt. You can't get more pure than that! This is definitely on par with other name brands that have natural blends. I also prefer the creamy blends, because I don't like chunks in my peanut butter. Silas loved this on his sandwich too, and he eats pb&j daily. Since this sample came in a squeeze pouch form, I was able to take it with us while traveling. I had some spread on an apple, which was super convenient. And since peanut butter doesn't need to be refrigerated, I didn't have to worry about it spoiling. Definitely a yummy, healthy and mom-friendly product.


Prince of Peace - 100% Natural Ginger Candy

This candy is really yummy and came in handy at the perfect time for me. I am pregnant and going through my first trimester, so morning sickness has been keeping me down. This ginger candy has helped ease my nausea some. The pieces are a good size and are very flavorful. Ginger is a unique flavor, and you can definitely taste it in these candies. I love that they're individually wrapped, so you can take as many as you need in your purse, diaper bag or keep them in the car. The bag comes with a fair bit of individually wrapped candies too. They'll last me for awhile. As far as this brand goes, it is my first brand of ginger candies that I've ever tried, and I am not disappointed with them. Perfect for pregnant moms or anyone who likes ginger!


Goviter - Viter Energy Mints

I'm usually not a big fan of mints; I am a gum person, all the way. These mints have caffeine in them, and are supposed to boost energy as well as freshen breath. I can attest that they are very tasty and leave a lasting minty flavor. However, I don't really think they added any extra energy to my system. I'm not surprised, because it's a tiny mint, and coffee doesn't liven me up either. But as a mint goes for breath freshener, they work great.


Volo Vitamins Energy Drink Mix

I was really excited to try these energy drink mixes, because I work out all the time and my husband is always searching for the best energy drinks. But, I just couldn't get past the taste to see any improvement of my energy level, or to even finish the drink. I sampled the berry and citrus flavors, which normally I would love anything berry flavored. However, these packets did not have a favorable taste or aftertaste. Have you ever gotten a vitamin stuck in your mouth before you have a chance to swallow it all the way, because you didn't get enough water to push it down? That's literally what this tastes like. It's chalky, strong and I'm not a fan. It's only barely sweet, and I need sweet drink mixers. I would just rather have regular water and take a B12 vitamin, honestly. These packets are all natural, and with a 17 fruit blend, you'd think they would be sweeter than they are. But, then again, they have no sugar, no artificial flavors or sweeteners and are only 5 calories. So, I guess that explains why they aren't so sweet. For those of you that are gluten-free or really into clean eating, I feel like this would be a good product for you to try. But it's definitely not a product for me or my husband.


Kicking Horse Coffee - Kick Ass Ground Coffee

I was really excited to try this coffee, and have my husband sample it as well. He is a huge coffee drinker and loves to try new brands and flavors. I myself am more of a tea person, so my opinion on this would not be all that qualified. My husband thought the coffee was bold and robust. But, he also thought it was just an “okay” flavor. It wasn't remarkable or memorable. We use an everyday, basic brand and he wouldn't consider switching to this one. It's decent but not extravagant. It claims to be sweet, smokey and audacious, but he just doesn't taste it.

This is my overall review of the Daily Goodie Box, as a free product giveaway company… This was such an amazing box! I've been a part of many free product giveaway boxes, and this one blew them all out of the water. It came with so many different samples, and products that I have never heard of or tried before. This was truly a unique experience, and I was so grateful to be chosen to receive this box full of amazing products. I also like the diversity of products that worked so well for our family and each individual member. There was at least one thing for my husband, myself and our two-year-old son. The review process is also very simple and it does not require a lot of outside publication to different platforms. This is a great company to receive free products from. I highly recommend it!

 Anyone can sign up for a Daily Goodie Box. They are completely free, and all you have to do in order to receive more boxes is review the contents of your first box. There is no posting to any social media outlet at all. That's what makes this box so unique and so great in my opinion. It's literally free products straight to your door - no hassle, and you only have to review in one place. Take it from someone who's had several free product boxes from different companies, and has done multiple reviews online for different websites and social media accounts, this is the easiest free product box you can sign up for.

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