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My April Resolution

I'm about to get real honest with y'all for a minute. This is certainly not a trending topic, but it's something I've been struggling with lately. I know I talk a lot about affordable shopping and getting the best value for your money. But that doesn't mean I am always wise with my money. I am guilty of overspending just like everyone else in America. And I'm not proud of it.


For example, I have over 15 pairs of shoes in my closet, and I just bought three new pairs in the past week and a half. Did I need those new shoes? No. Did I want those new shoes? Obviously. Are those shoes super cute and on trend? Yes. Were they on serious sale? Yes. But that doesn't mean I should have bought them.

I am really susceptible to marketing and materialistic things. Those companies love me and I am their target audience. Which is why am really glad we have Netflix and no commercials. But it's especially hard in this day and age of social media. As I've been blogging, I have felt even more pressure to have the newest and latest styles. I'm going to find them at half the price everyone else is paying, but It's still spending money unnecessarily.


Also, a lot of companies will reach out to me, to become a brand ambassador, but then they want me to buy their product and promote it for them...for free. Often I am offered these products at a discounted price, and I am also given a discount code to offer my friends and followers. But, I still have to spend money. That is not how I want my blogging career to go, or why I started blogging. Although I do have the option to make some small commissions from some of these products, it's not worth it to waste my money to promote someone else's product for free, no matter how great that product is. When I first started, I thought any publicity was good publicity. But if I'm spending all my money on other people's products I'm not being very value minded, especially if I don't need that product. And that means I'm not being authentic to my brand, and what I stand for.


Some companies offer me products completely free to promote, but I am still not paid for my time and work. It's a struggle because I want free products (free is better than spending money) but I'm still promoting for free. I guess, at least in this case, I'm not spending money unnecessarily and I'm being true to me. I still get to review products (for free) and give you my honest opinion, which I will. I will always give you guys my honest opinion about any product. And, any product I promote or post about on my blog is a product I either normally use or would purchase. Also, I'm not encouraging anyone to buy every single product I promote or talk about. Don't spend the money if you don't have it (that's where I'm getting stuck right now, learn from me)!! I am simply sharing my style or experience with these products. That way you can make an informed decision of whether or not you want/need that particular item.


So, with all that being said, for the month of April I have felt convicted to not buy anything ‘extra’ for myself. I'm going on a shopping hiatus. I have more than enough clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup to last me well over a month. I'll just have to get creative with the things I already have, if something comes up that I ‘need’. I know this experience will help me value our money more, and not spend so excessively. I've gone through a similar ‘no shopping’ phase before, and it really puts things in perspective.

It's funny, because our church is doing a series called Crisis of Faith. I had already decided to do this ‘April resolution’ at the end of March, but when I heard the sermon two weeks ago, I knew this was something I was supposed to do. The sermon was about money/materialistic things, and how you cannot serve both God and money (Luke 16:13). I've been serving money, and I feel so guilty and convicted about it. I know money and materialistic things do not last. Souls last, and Earth is not where I should be building my treasure (Matthew 6:20).


Please help me by praying for the strength to keep this commitment I've made. It will be a long and hard month for me (sad, but true), especially if I go anywhere near Target. I know this is something the Lord wants me to do and it's going to help our family and finances tremendously. Hopefully I'll even be able to keep it going for more than just one month, but at least one month is the goal.

Are there any areas you're struggling with right now? Are you a blogger who is feeling overwhelmed? Leave a comment, I'd love to connect and encourage you!

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