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Comfy Travel

Comfy Travel


My family and I love to travel! It’s the best. Exploring new places and having new adventures is so fun. I also really enjoy revisiting some my favorite places (especially when they are close by). It’s exciting when you can travel with your kids and show them some of your best sites. What’s NOT so fun, is when you have to drive the whole way, by yourself. We all went to Charleston this weekend, which varies depending on where you’re staying. Matt went to Folly Beach with his Christian Motorcycle Club for a leadership conference. My best friend, Lauren, had graciously agreed to host Silas and I for the weekend, so we could enjoy the joys of Charleston too. Thankfully, Summerville is only 1.5hrs from Columbia, and I didn’t have too far to go. But still, it’s never comfortable to be in a car for one position for more than an hour, particularly when you’re the one driving. You have to stay on high alert all the time, deal with fussy kids and  can’t relax at all. The only thing you can do to make this trip enjoyable is to crank up the tunes and make sure you’re comfy. I made sure to dress us both comfortably for this trip. I’ve got two versions of this style going on here - both are sporty and casual simple. I had to wear a hat on the way there because all my sunglasses have mysteriously disappeared. And the light basic denim jacket is a must for when it’s hot outside so you need the AC on, but then the car gets cold. Or it’s hot in the car because the sun is beating down on you but it’s cold outside - it could go either way, really. I use basic colors because then I’m guaranteed that everything will always go together. I can also create an outfit fairly quickly, and it will still look put together. As for Silas, I put him in long sleeves and comfy pants since he has to sit cooped up in his seat the whole time without any wiggle room. These outfits are great for play too, as they move easily and are made with comfortable fabrics (cotton - everything is cotton).













t-shirt (Next Level) // sweat pants (Mossimo) // jacket (Old Navy) // hat (Aviate) // shoes (Converse)







long sleeve shirt (Aerie) // leggings (Yogalicious/TJ Maxx) // glasses (Zenni Optical)

These outfits are SO comfy and chic. They fit well and are breathable. AND they are all affordable and can be worn with multiple outfits, multiple ways. I can make it 2+ hours in a car if I'm rocking these comfy clothes. What are your favorite travel clothes? Have any comfy fabrics you LOVE for long trips? Where are your favorite places to go? Leave a comment below (and now I'm rhyming)

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Poshmark Success