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Easy Recycling

I think everyone knows how much American’s consume and how much waste we produce. So, how do we help the problem and stop contributing so much to it? Recycling and re-using are the best ways you can actively help. And it won't even cause that much of a difference in your life to start implementing some of these easy strategies.  


If you have recycling pick up at your house, start using it! We fill up our bin at least once every week! All you have to do is rinse things out (if they’re food) and put them in there! Our accepts literally EVERYTHING (junk mail, cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, textiles, cans) except styrofoam and plastic grocery bags. Just try it for a week and see if you don’t feel even a little better when you see how much you actually throw away, when you could be recycling it.


If you don’t have a center near you, and you want to drop off your recycled items on your own, look HERE to see where you can find one locally.


Reusable Bags

I get it, sometimes you need a few plastic bags for those random occasions - but those are honestly few and far between. Most of the time, you can get away with using the reusable shopping bags. I know I have like 10 on hand, at any given point, and they aren’t that hard to get. Every grocery store has them, as well as box stores like Walmart and Target. I always feel so good and accomplished when I leave the grocery store with only 6 bags (less and easier to carry too)! Some stores will give you a discount if you’re using your own bags too (Target & Bilo). And you can even reuse ziploc style bags for non-perishable items!




DIY Decorations

Pennant Flag Banners: You can save your leftover fabrics or unused clothing to make cute shabby chic style decorations for holidays, events, or just everyday home decor. You could also use ribbons and twine to make a pretty backdrop for above the bed or a photobooth for events.



Bouquets/Decoration: Use greenery (even weeds!) and flowers from your garden. Bring them inside - it will brighten your home, improve your oxygen and add a personal touch, because they came from your very own backyard. This is how I decorated for the fall/winter holidays. I just picked up the leaves that had already fallen and brought them inside or used them as porch decorations. For winter, I used fresh greens (a huge weed that is as big as a tree) for my dinning room table runner. It was stunning and it was FREE… and I got a little exercise in the process. Floral arrangements can get costly in a minute, if you already have flower bushes, cut the stems once the flowers have bloomed (or are almost there) and bring inside to decorate with. You’ll be pruning your plants while enjoying the sweet fragrance of your flowers inside. If you don’t have any flower bushes, start with something simple and hearty (like roses). You’ll be improving your curb appeal and have your own beautiful flowers in no time. No more costly trips to the florist but still have a gorgeous home grown bouquet - yay!





Thrift stores, thrift stores, thrift stores! Or consignment (make money for your nicer clothes). I never understood how people could just THROW AWAY clothes. I’ve certainly never done this, and if you do - you shouldn’t. I promise you, someone, somewhere will be able to use your unwanted clothing items. Don’t contribute any more junk to the landfills - they’ve got enough in there as it is! I know plenty of thrifty moms/people that go into thrift stores just to get cool/funky fabrics - they don’t even plan on using the pieces as clothing! So, don’t throw it away - recycle it!


Hope these simple tips helped you to see some areas where you can start recycling/reusing in your everyday life. These are really REALLY easy concepts. I hope you start today helping our world be a better place. Think of your children - after all, they will inherit everything we’ve left behind. Every little bit helps. One may not be able to change the world, but a great many can! <3 Amanda

Have any cool ways that you’ve been recycling? I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below

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