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20 Fun and Chic DIYs with Plastic Animal Toys

20 Fun and Chic DIYs with Plastic Animal Toys

How many of y'all have those little toy plastic animals lying around? I know we do. Like, at least 10 of them at any given time.


They are so fun for kids to play with when they’re little, but what happens when they out grow them?  Do you just pass them on? Do you recycle them?


I personally like to re-purpose as many things as I can. Whether that’s things in our home or things I find outside the home that could use new life.


I think these little toy animals are perfect for repurposing in a fun, whimsical way, especially if you still have kids at home. Here are 20 fun and chic DIY‘s with plastic animal toys!


The titles will take you to the tutorials! 


Keep in mind, some of these DIY’s are centered around specific animals. Like the cats, bunnies and sheep.


But you could literally use any combination of animals that you want. I also tried to veer away from the plastic toy animals in their original state because I think spray painting them gives them a more uniform and chic look.


But of course, if you wanted to use the animals as is, I think any of these DIY‘s would still work  wonderfully! Especially if it’s for a child.


I like the idea of re-purposing my kids old toys and still being able to use them around the home but in a way that is more sophisticated while still preserving the memory and childlike atmosphere.  


Don’t have any toy animals laying around but love this DIY concept? Here are some great affordable options! You could also look for them on Facebook groups or at local thrift stores.


Let me know in the comments below which DIY is your favorite. Also, let me know if you have tried any of these DIY‘s, how it worked out for you and if you still use them!

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