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Stylish, Comfy Maternity Leggings

Stylish, Comfy Maternity Leggings

It's amazing to me that maternity companies even exist. They specialize in clothes and products for your growing belly, but still offer style and shape. Pregnant women aren't left with big, bulky, baggy clothes anymore. I am so happy to be able to partner with some of these companies. Each one offers unique pieces and a variety of styles.

Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with Preggo Leggings. What's unique about this particular brand partnership is, I already had one pair of their leggings from my first pregnancy. So when they approached me, I was really excited, because I had already been a satisfied customer.

When I ordered three years ago, I was searching for a practical legging that would go with multiple items, and last for the entire pregnancy. And since I had that pair, I was able to choose a fun, bold, statement pair this time around.


  • Adorable style and design

  • Tight fit with stretch (which I love)

  • Perfect length (great for short girls)

  • Very flattering

  • Adjustable waist band (great for expanding bump)



  • The belly waistband

  • Material is thick (and ribbed)

  • Does not hide well under tight shirts

**The only thing I would improve about these leggings would be the waistband. It's a nice idea that you can adjust it for your growing belly, but it would be so much better if it was just a thin piece of stretchy material. I've definitely found that works the best and is most flattering. If you don’t wear form fitting tops, this concern will not even be an issue for you!


  • Comfortable fit

  • Lightweight

  • Stretchy material

  • Waistband with tummy contouring

  • Fun colors

  • Affordable



  • Light pulls from washing

  • Too much material, bunching at ankles or on top (short girl probs)

** These are probably my most comfortable maternity leggings to date. I wear them when I work out, or for every day (while pregnant). I love the contouring on the belly, as it's more supportive than just a strip of fabric. And as you can see, they keep REALLY really well. I've had this pair for 3 years, and you can't even tell :)


The truth is, most maternity styles hit or miss something. I think Preggo Leggings does a great job of eliminating most of the frustration and gets it right. Both of these leggings have really great positives, and really just one negative. That's why it's so helpful that they offer different options. They have pants for any occasion. Whether it's a casual comfy style you're looking for, or a structured, fashionable style; they've got you covered. Click below to see even more styles and maternity pieces!

Check them out on social media here:


**Standard disclosure: I was financially compensated for this post. All opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.**

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