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Easy (and Last Minute) Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Easy (and Last Minute) Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Sorry this post is a little late getting out to you guys. I just wanted to share a couple quick and easy last minute Father's Day gift ideas. These gifts were inspired by my need to have our son be involved in the gift giving process for Father's Day. Also, I wanted to introduce you to a new product we received from Influenster that would work wonderfully for this special occasion.

Since my son is only two years old, I thought it would be more helpful if he helped in the card department. I had this really great idea of him helping create a DIY grilling platter for my husband, but it turns out there are no affordable acrylic paints that are also food safe (so if you know of any, please send them my way!). And, with all the materials needed it, it would have cost up to $50! Which is quite ridiculous for a grilling plate. Anyway, I decided to purchase a customized food safe grilling platter that my husband could actually use, instead of just a decorative piece (which is what I would've had to do because the paints were so confusing).

So all that was left, was the card for our gift. I knew this part was something simple enough that my son could help with. It didn't require a long attention span, and was fairly easy in its process from start to finish. My mom is a Stampin Up demonstrator, so she has all these amazingly cute crafting supplies readily available. But you could always go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby if you needed to pick up some stamps & ink pads in a rush. Here are a few of the items you will need to create a quick and unique card (for any occasion really) with your toddler. 



Card Stock & Envelope

Ink Pads


Washi Tape


Next, you'll want to prep the area for your toddler. I pre-tore some washi tape strips and opened up the ink pad for quick access. I also did this to insure I could supervise the amount of product he was using - if you have kids, you know how they are with tape and trying to open things... 

Then, you can let them have at it! Silas had a blast using the washi tape and smaller stamps. When he got to the big hammer stamp, he just wanted to play with it... so we were pretty much done at that point.

For the final touch, I added a "Father's Day" punch out for some extra pizzazz (and because the stamp was there!). You could also get some fun shaped punches for your kiddo, and have them make DIY confetti - or just attach them to the card!

I'm pretty impressed with Silas' crafting skills. He was super over the card after the first round of stamping, but now Dad will have a unique handmade card from his sweet son. I couldn't be happier with out it all turned out. I also made my own version of a Father's Day card with this set because it was so cute. So, keep in mind - if you get a stamp set for your kids, you can also use them too to make quick and easy cards for special occassions! 


Now, for the other promised item on my last minute Father's Day gift ideas - our free product from Influenster. We were sent a complementary FULL SIZE bottle of Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio cologne for my husband to test. I was surprised we got a full size bottle - Influenster really knows how to treat it's influencers, and I'm not complaining! My husband was surprised by how much he really liked this scent. It's manly, nautical and woodsy without being overly strong and overbearing. The scent does not last as long as I would like, but that could also be because my husband uses it so sparingly. This cologne comes in at around $40-$50 a bottle. It's a great value for a ton of product and a great every day scent.

If you're looking for a quick and easy gift to go with your DIY toddler made card, this cologne would be the perfect addition! Honestly, any cologne your man would love and appreciate would be a great choice. Happy gifting - and Happy Father's Day to all the hard working and loving dad's out there! 

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