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Scoring a Quality Thrift Find

Scoring a Quality Thrift Find

So, this is a more informative article for your Thrifty Thursday piece. I've been sharing a lot about the amazing high quality brands I've found while thrifting, and my mom mentioned that maybe not everyone knows what brands to look for. I've been thrift shopping for years, at different stores in different areas, so I don't even think about it anymore. I'll share with you a list of the top brands I would consider a major score to find while thrifting. These are all pieces I've found or actively search out. I'll also mention some key things to look for, from any item you find at the thrift store.






Banana Republic

American Eagle

Seven for all Mankind

Citizens of Humanity

White House/Black Market



Ralph Lauren


L.L. Bean


Ann Taylor






Free People

Lauren Conrad

Rock & Republic


If you'll notice, most of these brands can be found in your local shopping center/mall. The mall is a great place to get ideas for brands/styles you love, and then searching for those items in the thrift store. They will be much more affordable if thrifted, but still high-quality pieces. You'll notice I didn't include stores like Forever 21, H&M and Old Navy. While I shop those stores regularly, and like their styles; they just aren't great thrift store finds. They are already pretty affordable in store, but sometimes they also lack in quality. If you're going to buy the cheaper brands, just buy them new and wait for sales/coupons. If you shop the store clearance sections, you can snag some BRAND NEW items for cheaper than even thrift store prices, depending on where you thrift (Goodwill tends to be the most expensive).


Addition things to look out for while thrifting:

Determining if a brand could be valuable, for example: boutique brands. Here are some examples of boutique brands, check out the tags and fabric. These are all well made, on trend and have pretty unique tags.


  1. Classic brands that have been around awhile (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste). These pieces are usually made with quality fabrics and not only keep as a garment, but also a timeless wardrobe staple.

  2. Any item that is a quality material. Fabrics like cotton, linen and leather tend to keep their value over time.

  3. Look for items that don't have stains or tears/cuts.

  4. Be smart about the amount you're spending on a thrifted piece. I would recommend not spending over $10 for any thrift store piece of clothing unless you are absolutely sure the value is way above that, after all it's still a 2nd hand item.

Hope these tips were helpful! Do you have any great brands you love that I haven't included in this list? Leave a comment below, I'd love to expand my search!

Also, don't forget about my ‘Thrifty Challenge’ for this month. Check out this post for all the details!! Deadline is 4/23 for all applicants.

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