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Sustainable Hairstyles for the New Year

Sustainable Hairstyles for the New Year

Well, it’s that time of year. New Years resolutions are in full swing, now! Every year I kind of have the same rotating resolutions… Spend more time with family; less on technology, get in the best shape of my life, eat better, drink more water and try some new hair styles.


*This post was sponsored by SAYA Designs. All opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.* 


Now, I know the “try new hairstyles” resolution may seem silly, but if you knew me and how I style my hair, you really wouldn’t think so. You would actually probably agree with me! I literally wake up each morning, roll out of bed, and do nothing with my hair. If I happen to be going to the gym that morning, I will either braid it or put it in a ponytail. Then after I shower, I wear my everyday style -wavy, air dried with moose in it.


I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with my style, because for my busy mommy lifestyle it’s quick, easy and still looks decent. But every now and then I want to switch it up and actually look like I tried (or care). I want to have some “go to” hairstyles that are pretty and easy to recreate because I’ve perfected them. Enter SAYA Designs.


SAYA has the coolest hair pins around AND they are fair trade AND they give back! Their handcrafted hair sticks are made from root wood salvaged from plantations in Indonesia. They are taking waste material and turning it into something beautiful and purposeful.


SAYA has thought of everyone in their quest to help the environment by making a positive impact through recycling, repurposing and replenishing. They recycle by using salvaged wood from harvested plantations. They re-purpose by using that same wood to make contemporary designs (hair sticks) using a traditional craft that has been around for thousands of years. And finally, they replenish by planting up to 10 endangered trees into protected forests in Indonesia for every hair stick purchased.


So obviously, this is an extraordinary hair accessory to have in your arsenal. Not just because of how you can use it, but also of what it represents and how it can help the earth. It does take a couple tries to figure out how to get it to work within your hair, but it’s beautiful once you get the hang of it. Plus, they have several different designs and styles for all types and lengths of hair.


My set is the Moonflower. This particular hair stick is great for long thick hair. There are a couple different ways to wear it too. I love wearing my hair in a messy bun, and this keeps it contained in a beautiful and sophisticated style.


Right now SAYA’s designs are on pre-order, but it would be well worth your while to check out their selection of styles and see what would work best for you. They also make great, unique, sustainable gifts. See all their social media channels for easy access.



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