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7 Quick, Easy, DIY Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Quick, Easy, DIY Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

I love coordinating family Halloween costumes! I think it's so fun getting the whole family to dress up together for a fun occasion, and there are so many movies/characters/themes that work for multiple people. However, this Halloween I am eight months pregnant.


There are not a lot of cute costumes for pregnancy. I definitely don't want to buy one, and I can't think of anything I have on hand that would work with a family costume theme (that it isn't completely boring). And all the DIY projects for pregnancy related costumes are just too much for me to deal with right now!


But, amidst searching for costumes for myself, I ran across some cute, easy, DIY toddler costume ideas. I was also inspired by the “Curious George: Goes to a Costume Party” book for some quick costumes as well! Right now we only have a boy, so most of these are a boy related styles. But, I think most are gender neutral enough that they could also work for girls!


1. Lumberjack


 Outfit Details

  • flannel shirt

  • vest

  • jeans

  • beanie

  • work boots

  • fake beard (use eyeliner!)


2. Mummy

Outfit Details

  • lightest clothing possible (white if you can find it)

  • toilet paper

  • white/gray face paint


3. Cowboy

Just needs cowboy boots!

Just needs cowboy boots!

 Outfit Details

  • plaid shirt

  • jeans

  • bandanna

  • cowboy boots

  • cowboy hat

  • big belt buckle

  • toy gun/lasso/horse



4. Farmer/Scarecrow


 Outfit Details

  • plaid/country shirt

  • overalls/jeans

  • bandanna

  • cowboy/work boots

  • straw/cowboy hat

  • piece of wheat/straw

  • *add pieces of straw (for scarecrow) sticking out of arms and feet*


5. Clown

Outfit Details

  • mix match clothing (stripes/polkadots/bright colors)

  • clashing top & bottom

  • fluffy/silly/clown wig

  • oversized shoes

  • chunky jewelry

  • face paint/make up


6. Surfer

Last years costume

Last years costume

 Outfit Details

  • rash guard

  • board shorts

  • water shoes/summer sandals

  • messy hair

  • shell necklace

  • cardboard surfboard


7. Tourist


 Outfit Details

  • hawaiian/button down shirt

  • cargo/swim shorts

  • sandals/flip-flops

  • socks

  • camera

  • sunscreen obviously on face

  • sunglasses

  • fanny pack

  • straw/sun hat


I don't have all of the “extra” props (hats, boots, face paint, wigs) so some of these outfits are incomplete. And I didn't want to waste a whole roll of toilet paper just to show you a picture! Amazon always has really great deals though, on extras and props. Of course, you get free two-day shipping if you're a prime member. Walmart has great deals on face paint and hairspray. And I'm sure the Halloween stores have whatever else you could possibly need!


Although I love all these easy, DIY outfits (and didn't realize my son actually had all these pieces already in his wardrobe) I decided to go the more traditional route when it came to his costume this year. Since I wanted us all to coordinate, I went on the hunt for affordable, discounted costumes. My first and only go-to? Once Upon a Child.


I was able to find this BRAND NEW toddler pirate outfit for $6.50 and this Scooby Doo suit for $4.50. My son's first initials are SD and we've always wanted him to dress up as Scooby Doo. And, it just so happens the day I went, their Halloween costumes were 25% off! You just can't beat deals like these.


I also found this adorable Carter's rain jacket that looks like a fireman's coat, for $6.50. I love how this can be worn two ways: as a costume, or as an intended raincoat. It makes pieces like this totally worth it (regardless of price).

All he needs is a red firefighter hat!

All he needs is a red firefighter hat!

Do you have any favorite DIY costume ideas; for pregnancy or kids? What are you doing for Halloween this year? Tell me all about it, in the comments below! <3 Amanda

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