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Glam Mama

Glam Mama

I was inspired to wear this look, from my son’s style. I really loved the two tone gray shades he was rocking and I thought “how cute would gray, white and pink be for spring”! Inspiration comes in many forms, folks (and no clean clothes) :) So, I'm really excited to share the details of this look with y'all today because I don't get to dress like this very often. It's an easy outfit to create, but it's just not very practical for my active mommy lifestyle. It is practical, however,  for a night out with the girls or a date night. As cute as my kiddo is, he just isn’t that fun to chase around in heels.


I'm not usually one for purses anymore, because I use Silas's diaper bag so I can stuff it full of snacks, diapers & wipes and his sippy cup. I just have to add my wallet, lipstick and put on my shades and I've got all my essentials. Although this purse is big enough to put in all the things we both need, and it adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. That is one of the reasons I love this bag, and the color is perfect for spring. It can be worn on your elbow, but also as a crossbody - so that's great for moms who need two free hands.



I absolutely adore this necklace. You can remove the spike chain too, to give it more of a Mediterranean feel instead of an edgy rocker vibe (so versatile)! This piece is from Premier Designs, and I was hesitant when I first bought it because I didn't think it fit my personality. I'm so glad I did because now it's one of my favorite necklaces. When Silas was younger I wouldn't have even considered wearing it though, because he would have inevitably pulled at it and tried to eat it. THANKFULLY, we are mostly past that stage and he really could care less about my accessories.


The outfit is simple but classy enough that it could be worn to any event with a quick shoe swap. Heels and accessories make it glam and chic. Flats would make it casual but put together. Either way you look like you tried, without having to try to hard (my kind of outfit)!


tank (Old Navy) // jeans (similar) // heels (similar) // necklace (similar) // purse (similar)

Do you have a favorite look that can be worn multiple ways? What color is it and do you add a statement piece? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about it!

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