Hi there! I'm Amanda and I am a new lifestyle blogger. I’m 28, married and have one adorable little boy. Currently, I am a stay at home mom, best job ever! I enjoy so many things, cooking, health & fitness, DIY projects and fashion! The easier and more affordable these things are, the better! I'm all about finding the best values for the things we need/use, so others can focus their time & money on the more important things in life.

I'm not so much an expert on cooking, but I love making simple meals for our family that taste delicious. I have a 1.5yr old so I don't have a lot of time to devote to making elaborate meals. I DO like the crockpot or one pan varieties best. Also a bonus when those meals are healthy, because usually quick means cheap and unhealthy. And I do not appreciate unhealthy.

I like to think I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I work out everyday, because I can. And I feel like I have the time and capacity to do so, so I do. It’s important to me to strengthen my body and see how far I can go with exercise and muscle tone. I’m not really into the competitive/show circuit, but I wouldn’t mind having a body that reflects how hard I’ve been working. I’m slowly forging my way towards my goals, and I’ll be documenting my success to help encourage other moms. I’m a real woman, with real flaws and cravings, so I’m sure I’ll have plateaus just like everyone else, and that’s okay. What’s important is to keep on pushing forward and have faith in what I’m doing!

That’s why I control the things I can. Like DIY projects. I love to make things in general. Creating something from a bunch of random craft supplies is so cool to me. But more importantly, I like to make things myself because usually it’s cheaper. I hate it when I see something being sold for $50 and I'm like, “Hey, I could make that for $10!” It’s just silly to me to waste money on things I could make. So I do. I’ll be sharing some of my homemade and DIY projects from time to time because it’s in my blood and I can’t help it. :)

As for my fashion, I really enjoy creating styles that are part consignment/thrift and part retail. The reason behind this is because I LOVE to shop, but we don't have a lot of money to spare in that department. So, in order to get my fix and still get cool things, I’ve resorted to thrifting. I love the high end fashion labels and styles but I can't afford them at full retail value. Personally, I can't ever see myself paying thousands of dollars for a purse or pair of shoes anyways. I just think our money would be better used towards college education for our child or updating our home. That being said, if I can find designer labels at reasonable prices (TJMaxx, consignment), you better believe I'll be snatching them up. As for the retail aspect of shopping, I usually only seek out mainstream stores when I need something specific or there is a sale too good to pass up. I like to build my wardrobe on unique pieces but also have neutral items that go with everything. What's most important to me is finding styles that flatter my figure and will pair with other things in my closet.

Well, that’s a little bit about me, feel free to ask me anything you want to know! I’m an open book (literally, that’s why I’m blogging) and would love to get in touch with you.